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Story Analysis 

I began the week by reading a chapter from The New Digital Storytelling. This chapter began on the definition of what people think storytelling is and how the stories are told. This chapter helped me analyze my story I chose, or rather the revolutionary action known as Moon Walking. Here is my analysis on moon walking and why it became so popular: 

I also watched a presentation on shape of stories, and liked how he analyzed the shape of the movie Cinderella, which was one of my favorite movies growing up. 

I chose moon walking as if you haven’t found out yet, I am obsessed with Micheal Jackson and believe he was the perfect 80s icon to analyze as I feel he was a great storyteller through his dancing and singing, thus when I saw it in the 80s recommendations assignment box I decided to take full advantage of it. Although everyone knows what moonwalking is because of Micheal Jackson, it was interesting to investigate why it became so popular and how Micheal Jackson revolutionized it. (Please note my hyperlink, that I learned to insert because of the articles assigned this week. Learning new things each week!) 

Writing Assignments

This week for my writing assignments I was able to complete a total of 12 stars. Although I didn’t base two of my writing assignments off of our theme (I forgot and got too excited by the assignments), I managed to base one of my assignments from our theme where I chose a haiku and wrote about my mom after I found a picture of her from the 80s: 

My last two writing assignments are some of my favorite assignments I’ve done so far in this class. I chose both of these assignments as I felt the world had felt a tremendous loss after the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other seven passengers on board. I was reminded to never take life and our loved ones for granted so I immediately took up the opportunity for this assignment. I could write a million more words if I could but I decided to keep it short and sweet, just to remind them that they are important and I value them in my life. Here are letters that I wrote to two of the most important people in my life: 

Daily Creates 

I had lots of fun creating my daily creates this week. One of my favorites was recalling what my favorite myth was, which led me to reach into the vault of my memories and childhood. Here is what I created this week: 


This week I felt I was able to get more involved with my classmates blogs, posts, and social medias (A goal I had from last week) I looked at our class page everyday looking for inspiration for my blog website and found some interesting posts. I love how creative my fellow classmates are and even received some comments myself on my blog this week! Here are a few of my interactions this week:
Posted this photo on instagram that I used for one of my writing assignments. Just love this 80s photos of my mom!
Made my day that one of my fellow classmates liked my writing assignment.

Overall It was an eventful week and I had fun creating these assignments that also reminded me to be grateful and appreciative of loved ones. I can’t wait to see what we do next week! 

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