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Final Project

I had so much with this assignment! I was able to (attempt) to recreate the 80s look for big hair and bold makeup, but found it to be more of a modern twist of the 80s.

For this assignment, I filmed myself doing the tutorials off of my iPhone X, and ended up recording section by section to make the editing of the video a bit easier.

After I was done filming all my tutorials and projects, I went straight to work on these pieces. In total, the hair tutorial was around an hour, and the makeup tutorial was around 45 minutes. So I had to figure out a way to cut the video to a shorter length.

I experimented more with the tools on iMovie, and was pleasantly surprised to learn about the “split frame” tool, which splits a video into two sections, and used this tool for the hair tutorial. I was able to create parts where I wanted normal speed so the viewer can see what I was doing, and then sped it up to 4x the speed once I felt the viewer had observed the action and I was able to cut down the time.

I also inserted the title and ending title to explain my videos and imported my 80s logo at the end of my video.

I did not use any transitions for these tutorials, as I felt it ran smoother without the transitions.

P R O C E S S:

Once I was done recording my tutorials, I imported all my separate clips into iMovie from my photos app on my mac.

For the hair tutorial; I then pieced the video together by deciding which clips I want normal speed, and the rest of the video at 4x the speed. I used the tool, “Split Frame”, to mark exactly where I wanted these features to be.

For the makeup tutorial; I only used the application of speeding the tutorial up to 2x the speed, as I felt I did not have to go into so much detail as you could see more clearly due to my angle of positioning. (I also added a freeze frame for comedic moment, let me know if you find it)

Once I had completed the speed of the videos, I decided to use the audio recorder on iMovie (which lets you add audio to specific parts of the video directly in the application, wish I would’ve known this before) to record my voice exactly where I wanted to speak in the videos.

Once I was done adding my audio, I decided to add titles as an introduction and ending clip. I imported my 80s logo to add at the end of videos as well as put the title directly over this photo.

I lastly imported audio to spice up my tutorials. I imported different songs using my mp4 converter after downloading the songs from YouTube.

I made sure to use the tool of that lowered the audio of any other clips while I spoke to make sure the music didn’t overpower my voice.

I then uploaded these tutorials up to YouTube. Unfortunately, it has come up that YouTube has copyrighted my videos. However, I was able to make it private and was able to embed it using the link. Fingers crossed these videos are still up!

I rewatched these videos a couple of times to make sure there weren’t any mistakes or details I left out, and thankfully there wasn’t any audio or video issues. (There was however, my unevenly buttoned shirt, which unfortunately I couldn’t help after the fact, so please don’t mind)

After the total of 4 hours spent editing these tutorials, I’m pleased with the results! I had so much fun creating this 80s look!


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