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I had lots of fun making this assignment as I had no idea Air Jordans were first launched in the 80s (blows my mind as they’re still very popular today). With a little research, I created my own script and recorded it using a voice memo. I then converted it into a WAV format so I can edit it in Audacity. I used the same sound or sick beat that I used for my bumper as I felt it went well with both my assignments. I cut the free sound to match with my length of voice memo and finally uploaded it as a WAV file. Here is my script: 

Why run when you can fly? With the new Air Jordans, you will be doing just that. These new sneakers will have you the flyest not just on the courts, but in the streets too. Inspired and designed by the best in the world, Micheal Jordan, you too can reach his level of potential with these shoes. You will obtain the fury of a bull, as Jordan does on the courts. Don’t settle for less, be extraordinary. Just Do It. 

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