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For this assignment, I decided to use one of the articles that was suggested for this assignment that captured the rebellious youth in the 1980s, by Rachel Lebowitz. I chose a couple pictures to analyze, which I thought were the most intriguing. 

I chose this photo of Madonna, captured by Richard Corman in 1983 when Madonna was only 24 years old. I first noticed that this photo is a polaroid, which I found to be humorous considering polaroids have become popular again in recent years. The vibrant color is also a key aspect of the photo, implying it was taken during the day while it was well lit. She is the focus of the photo, balancing out the background which seems to be in an urban area. 

This photo taken by Jamel Shabazz caught my attention as I noticed the fashion the young boys are portraying in this photograph. The light in this photograph is dimmed, and also seems grainy rather than a clear, smooth photo. The two boys are the center of attention, with the urban landscape in the background. I love the feeling this photo evokes as It makes it seem you are young, in the 80s, in the middle of a large city.

This photograph caught my attention as it was different from the previous photographs. Jack Pierson has a more soft-spoken style in photography. The lighting and effect of this photograph is dark or monotone, however light does shine through towards the upper portion of the photo. A silhouette is the main focus of the photo, with the smoke being illuminated and the cigarette also being slightly illuminated. I think this photo captures the darker side of the 80s youth, equally still being rebellious but taking on a more serious issue. 

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