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For this assignment, I had a lot of fun creating. I saw the platform the creator used to make these videos, and since I am familiar with TikTok, but have never made a TikTok before, I decided to try this platform out and create my first TikTok (considering everyone but me it seemed to have been using this platform during this quarantine). Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard at all, as I simply had to choose videos from my camera roll, and insert them into the platform, where I chose the original sound to create this content.

 I decided to use videos of my cats, since I often am able to capture their craziness and goofiness. Although it was only a few seconds, It was quite hilarious seeing just a few of their actions that captures just a glimpse of their lives. I was then able to share the video to YouTube. I shared it with my family and they equally believed it was quite a treat. 

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