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Final Project

This was by far the hardest assignment of my project due to how time consuming it was. Despite the difficulty, it was so fun to mash up some of my personal favorite movies and music from the 80s. 

P R O C E S S 

The first thing I did for this assignment was create a list to brainstorm my top favorite movies and music. I then narrowed down my list to include 30 seconds of each clip. 

I downloaded the videos from youtube using an mp4 converter, and thus had over 1 hour and 45 minutes of cutting clips to mesh. 

I downloaded the videos all at once in order to import them into iMovie. Once they were in iMovie, I cut the clips to the desired time frame I wanted. 

After a couple of hours cutting the clips, I simply added an introduction and outro using the ds106 logo that I imported. 

I then added additional titles to identify the movie clips and songs, using the title of the movie or song, the artist, and the year produced. 

I also added transitions in between each clip to make the clips less choppy as they transition. 

Overall, it was fairly easy once the clips were imported to iMovie, it was rather the lengthy and tedious process of downloading the videos and working through them to cut them to the desired length. 

I was pleased with the results and was eager to show my parents this piece  (in which we now have a planned marathon to binge all the movies on this list) 

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