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Over Spring break, I was able to interview both my parents on the 80s. However, I had to translate the actual footage as my parents both don’t speak english. Emily was also able to interview her mom over spring break, and when we planned to meet Thursday, is when we listened to our interviews as a group and collectively decided what our main topic would be on; Music, as both of our parents’ talked mostly about this theme.

We luckily were still able to meet during our planned time despite the school closing due to COVID-19. We decided what we would pick out from our interviews to best match our theme, thus we only included bits and pieces from Emily’s interview, and only used my dad’s section as my mom mostly focused on fashion. 

After we had planned what we were going to use in our show, we created a general outline of how the show will be recorded, as well as collectively deciding that instead of a scripted show, we would rather make it more like a real-life talk show where we just voice our opinions. This was the best option for our group as I felt we were more comfortable and at one point I even forgot we were recording. 

We recorded our input of the 80s section once through voice memos on the iPhone. Sam was generous enough to offer to edit and piece the show together, I just sent her the material that she needed (my commercial, radio bumper, my mixtape that plays in the background for certain parts).

I am very proud of the finished piece and felt we worked well together as a group as we all collaborated and input our ideas and work. I had lots of fun with this project and hope you enjoy our finished product: 

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