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I believe I know who you are but don’t want to jinx anything, so I won’t state your name. If we do get married, we would have been together for a very long time now, and the only barrier we had was our age of being too young. You are my home, my comfort, my happiness I look forward to everyday. You are the goofiest person I know, yet no one would ever guess it since you are so introverted around other people. I see a different side of you and you see a different side of me. You push me in everything I do and calm me when I am at my worst. I get on your last nerve and confuse you more times than I can count. You kill me with your lack of responsibility (most of the time) and how messy you can be. But there is no one (I mean no one) else I’d rather be doing life with other than you. I can’t wait till our day approaches, and we live out our dreams and lives we have, together.

Love, Diana. (3 ½ stars) 

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