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What a semester! I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of the term! I decided I wanted to make the best of how the semester ended and to have fun with my final project. I wanted to incorporate both themes, 80s and Covid-19, so I decided to create a list of 80s themed activities to do while in quarantine. I knew I wanted to challenge myself as well, by practicing with one of the most valuable skills I learned within this class; video creation. 

I already knew how to mashup songs due to my dance history, however I had always wanted to learn how to create videos/movies so I can begin vlogging. I can say that after this class, I can’t wait to pick up my camera and begin vlogging everything. I feel videos are always better than pictures to tell stories and can’t wait to use my skills I have gained from this class to create content. 

I wanted to put my skills to the test, and I felt this project was the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Thus, I created content that heavily focused on video editing and creation, as well as incorporating visual, audio and writing content as well. 

Overall, I am really pleased with the content I was able to create and to challenge myself, as this was not easily done in an hour. One video alone took almost 3 ½ hours to create and edit, so it required a lot of patience; another skill I was able to acquire through this class, as there were times where I would get frustrated for not being able to do something correctly or it would get copyrighted/deleted. 

Nevertheless, here we are at the end, excited that I was able to successfully create content for my final project, which took a lot of hard work but feeling rewarded by the results. 

I hope you all enjoy it and even try out some of the activities I created. 

I feel enriched after taking this class and am so excited to use my skills I gained for future content. 

P.S. Thank you professor Bond and classmates for making this class a blast!!

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