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For this assignment, I decided to use the iMovie app as I thought it would be the best platform considering I have a ton of memories I wanted to share. I decided to use only memories from my senior year, as I realized I had too many videos and photos If I used all my 4 years from high school. I decided to insert photos from my camera roll, and simply inserted them into the platform, and used no transitions as I believed this looked best. I added a cover photo for my title, as well as downloading music from youtube and used a MP4 converter to convert this video. I decided to use the song, 8teen from Khalid, as it reminds me most of high school as my graduating year was 2018, and I played this song over and over on graduation day. It brings back such fond memories and I’m so happy to have relieved these moments through this assignment. I hope you all enjoy it! 

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