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5 stars 

For this assignment, I had way too much fun creating! It was definitely the most amusing assignment I had this week, as I had to do a couple of retakes from laughing. 

I went onto the feature on my iPhone on iMessages, and began recording by listening to music in the background (I didn’t need the lyrics as I can sing this song backwards if I wanted to haha). 

To make this assignment even more amusing, I didn’t realize I was recording this feature through my boyfriend’s messages and sent it to him. He’ll probably get a good laugh from it too when he wakes up!

 I then saved this video to my camera roll after sending it through a message. However, I didn’t like the way the background music sounded, so I decided to import the video into iMovie and using a youtube video converter, was able to import the song onto my video to make it sound more clean. 

I imported the video to my camera roll, and lastly posted it to Twitter in hopes of amusing other with my masterpiece.

Overall, 10/10 assignment. 

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