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I decided to create this assignment because I felt I needed a reminder of the most exciting times of the year. 

To really resonate how amazing these holidays are, I decided I couldn’t just use a plain and still photo; this called for a gif assignment.

 I went onto my instagram and through the story application (where you can create a visual for up to 24 hours), I decided to use the gif generator to create my main background. 

Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite holiday movies because it captures two of the best holidays, so It was only right to base my background off of Jack Skellington. I then decided to add even more gifs to this live-photo, by adding christmas accessories to Jack such as antler ears and a christmas hat. I lastly topped it off with fireworks to represent my life for fireworks on the fourth of July. 

I posted this assignment on my instagram feed, asking if my fellow classmates could guess which are my favorite holidays. 

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