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Final Project

This assignment was super fun! Although I felt quite frankly, ridiculous, it was still fun to move around and act silly during these hard times. 


So I had decided since I wanted to really take the role of the 80s, that I would create this workout after my 80s hair and makeup routine. 

Once I was done with the hair and makeup, I created an outfit with the limited article clothing I had to recreate the 80s workout outfits. For reference, I used my one-piece swimsuit, leggings, a winter headband, a see through crop top and white nike socks that I scrunched up to appear as leg warmers. 

Once I had created this outfit, I was ready to get filming. I had created a beginner but high cardio workout routine to “let’s get physical” by Olivia Newton John. 

I recorded each exercise separately and then imported all clips to iMovie. I liked the speed of the clips so decided to not change them for the exercises, except for the last clip which was sped up 2x. 

I then downloaded the music video from youtube using my mp4 converter and inserted the music to my video. 

I made sure for my workout routine to be perfectly matched with the music, to make it flow with the beats. 

I once again added titles to the introduction and outro, and added no transitions to this workout. 

I then uploaded the video to youtube. 

So much fun! Enjoy:

Please don’t mind my cat, didn’t realize until it was too late that he was sleeping!

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