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As I began thinking about my bumper, I decided to tune in to the local station beat 101.5 to gather some inspiration. I noticed that in almost every verse or statement, they conclude with the phrase “101.5” or with the beat that rhymes with 101.5. Although I wish I were talented enough to create a beat that rhymes with our radio show title “The Breakfast Club” (maybe a goal by the end of the semester), I chose to ultimately conclude my bumper with the same idea. 

I used once again to choose my sick beat, and actually liked the beat so much I decided to also use the same beat for my 80s radio show commercial. I imported my audio voice recording and converted it into a WAV file to be able to use in Audacity. I then imported my free sound into the same platform and cut the sound to match my voice recording. I then saved the file as a WAV file and uploaded it to soundcloud. Hope you enjoy it!

“Listen to all the hits and keep up with what was popular in the 80s. Stay tuned for more interviews on the 80s and what were their favorite music hits and movies and to hear what we think. Catch it all here, on The Breakfast Club Radio. Where we love, listen, and do all things 80s.”

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