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I really enjoyed the tweet-along this past week. I was able to join both Tuesday and Wednesday this week and listened to a couple of episodes of the Escape tv series, which I found was a great source of sound effects and how they virtually create and tell a story. 

Both stories connected to environmental crisis and incorporated sounds to portray the story; the glacier melting and symbolizing it through the ghostly sound of the woman, or the sunken city of port royal that kept arising as the earth moved, both connecting to climate change. 

The sounds created a story in my mind, and I didn’t notice at first but I would picture the story as it was being told through the sounds. For example, I would picture the actors in a particular scene such as Tom (I believe is what his name was), when he would backstab his partners due to greed. I would picture the wind being strong and blowing trees and leaves and the gold dust. 

Some of the sounds portrayed in the story were sounds I haven’t really thought of, such as the sound of glaciers and the sounds of a coral reef. I found it fascinating as I didn’t picture sounds associated to these objects: 

I also thought how the narrator described the sounds of the glacier as pretty accurate: 

I also incorporated the sounds of a glacier and coral reef below as I found it too neat not to. Check it out! 

It was a bit hard trying not get distracted while listening to the ds106 radio since I didn’t have to look at any visuals, but once I got invested it was neat creating my own visuals and scenes in my head, very much like reading a book. I also enjoyed the input of my other classmates and hearing what they thought. I enjoyed my first tweet-alongs and am looking forward to the next. 

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