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I’m a firm believer that a story is not successfully told without sound and music. I can support my claim as the only way I can watch scary movies is with the sound off and subtitles on, as I don’t get afraid if the sound is off and I am just watching the visual.

Abumrad talks about in one of his videos about how sounds create a mood and sense to the story, and allows one to create visuals on their own of the story. Abumrad notes that lots of information can be given from a person’s voice, whether it’s the tone or specifically the vibrations of voice and how it rises and falls, and he even theorized that is why radio never dies. It was an interesting correlation he compared between radio thousands of years ago and how stories were only spoken.

Creating a connection in jobs and fulfilling a sort of dream state is also an interesting aspect mentioned in this video. The concepts discussed in Abumrad’s videos translated into the story “Moon Graffiti”. The subtle sounds enriched my mind into creating a visual perception of what I was hearing. The footsteps, for example, allowed me to picture a person walking, how near or far they were, whether they were walking fast, etc. What the astronauts’ emotions are or what they were feeling is revealed through their voices, such as detecting their worry after they learned they were not returning home. 

I recently became introduced into podcasts and it feels I have gained a new appreciation to sound and music and how they truly are necessary to create a story. I have caught myself paying more attention to sounds and music in the background of movies and scores. One of my favorite composers for example, Hans Zimmer, creates masterpieces that are essential to the movies he composes for. The ending scene of the movie Inception, is a masterpiece due to the cinematography, but the music really created a sense of emotion of being astound. I truly believe that this scene wouldn’t have been as impactful if it weren’t for the score playing in the background.

(Highly recommend watching the movie if you haven’t, but I will show a clip of the ending scene below) 

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