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Just Kidding, Pretty In Pink Is Too Perfect to Critique!

I do an analysis instead:

For this assignment, I had decided to rewatch Pretty in Pink as my 80s movie, since I can’t seem to get enough of this movie whilst being stuck at home (and 10 things I hate about you). I decided to use the turning point in the scene, where Andie finds out she no longer is being taken to the prom by Blane, as I felt this scene made the viewer feel every emotion the characters were feeling, and thus wanted to examine the camera work. 

The hardest part in this assignment for me was my first attempts to record my voice and capture my thoughts as the scene in the move went along, which it did not work and thus I broke up my voice recordings up in sections, which I felt to be much easier and was able to voice my opinions much more concise. 

I first began by recording my analysis of the scene on voice memos on my iPhone. I then downloaded the youtube video of the scene using a youtube video converter into a MP4 file. I was then able to directly insert the file into iMovie. After inserting the file, I began to insert my voice recordings into iMovie to match with the scene. Once I was satisfied with my video essay, I uploaded it onto YouTube. I was quite surprised at how easy the process was and for sure will be using iMovie in the future, as iMovie has definitely been a lifesaver for creating my video assignments. 

Here is my analysis: 

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