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What would people have done in the 80s during quarantine?

For my final project, I decided to incorporate activities that are 80s style themed to do during this quarantine. I first began with thinking, how would someone of the 80s done during quarantine? So I based my project off this notion, but decided to actually create these activities so people could do it themselves today! I don’t have a storyline, but rather created an idea from thinking what would someone in the 80s be doing during quarantine if the corona virus hit in the 1980s. (Please let me know if this still works) 

To create my final project, It will require a lot of video editing and sound editing, two skills I found most valuable during my time within ds106. 

I don’t believe I am going to record my dessert or drink recipes, as I want to create a blog post and add the recipe and ingredients in two seperate posts (as this would be another element I found valuable in this class; blogging, as it would be part of my writing aspect of the project). I will most likely also incorporate pictures when creating these posts. 

I will most definitely create a video of the workout routine and makeup/hair tutorial. I still have not decided on the format, but I think this will be really fun to record and play around with the style of the 80s. I have always wanted to create a tutorial, so I will be excited to use my knowledge from this class to finally do so. Plus, my mom will be helping me to create my look!

Lastly, I will create a collage of some of my favorite 80s music, movies, music videos, and styles to serve as a future “to watch” inspiration so that you can watch/sing all things 80s during this quarantine period, and with Summer coming up, there is lots of time to binge watch 80s movies!

I have created a poster advertising my 80s quarantine activities, another skill I have learned from this class through visual assignments. I hope you like my idea and can’t wait to start creating my videos next week! 

This week I also participated in one daily create! Although they are not required, I still like doing them!

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