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I don’t listen to the radio that often (only if there are some sort of concert tickets raffle or if my phone dies and I can’t listen to music), so I didn’t really know what a radio show was when I started brainstorming, but after some research I realized that a radio show can practically be anything you want, ranging from just music, a podcast, etc. 

One idea that came to my mind about our theme is my parents growing up in the 80s as teens, and they always tell me about how they have some of their best memories from that era, and I would love to know more. I think it would be cool to interview people who grew up in their teens or early adulthood in the 80s and see what their favorite memories were from that era. Whether it was fashion, music, movies, etc. 

In the interviews, I think it would be cool to listen to some of the music or movies they describe as their favorites. Probably even play them in between interviews as well. 

Another key component of the show would be whether they think the 80s are making a comeback. I would ask what aspects of the 80s they think the 21st century has incorporated into our pop culture? I would also ask, of all the good things from the 80s, what do they also remember of the hardships of that era? 

I think it would be interesting for this place to just be a sort of journal or diary for 80s teens and young adults to relive this point of their life and relate to how young adults now are living their lives. 


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  1. Interviews are a good idea. That would let you work in multiple voices, and you could layer in sound clips from the era as well. The challenge would be in editing everything together so it flows smoothly.

  2. I really like this idea. I’ll be at my parent’s house for spring break so I’ll be able to interview them. They turned 20 in 1985.
    I’ll start a group in the Google doc for this! Make sure to add yourself if you still want to do this.

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