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This week I was excited to kick it off with listening to the radio shows, as I was eager to listen to my other classmates’ work as I knew how hard we’ve all been working these past two weeks. 

I tuned in to hear the live-stream monday and was excited to hear that my group’s radio show, “The Breakfast Club” was first. Emily represented our group to answer questions about our show, such as how we made it, who was in our group, and other aspects to our show. We received a lot of positive feedback and felt very proud of our radio show. Here are some tweets that my classmates and I tweeted during our show: 

Samantha is a pro at sound editing! She pieced the show together.

Here is some positive feedback we received on our show: 

The second show I listened to on Monday was “Eighties through Space” and instantly thought it was a creative theme. This show talked about many topics in the 80s, such as tv shows such as Stranger Things, movies like Super 8, books like 1984, and music of the 80s. A statement I found to be very true was how the 80s music was still very prominent in our culture and my group and I even touched on that in our radio show too. Here are some of my tweets: 

I wasn’t able to tune in to any of the radio shows on Tuesday unfortunately, however I was able to tune in on Wednesday and was just in time to hear “80s Crime”. Being a crime junkie, I was really excited to hear about the crimes that took part in the 80 and how these criminals were prosecuted and dealt with to serve justice. I had not heard of all the criminals that were mentioned in the show, and for the ones that I did know about, there were many new details that I never knew before. My favorite aspect of the show was that they all contributed clips of recordings of the criminals, it created a visual aspect. Here are some of my tweets: 

The last show I tuned in for was “Social Media:an 80s Rewrite”. I was thoroughly impressed with the creativity in this show as well as the superb sound editing. Lewis was a great host and it was interesting to see all the ideas incorporated to the central point of social media (mostly Twitter) and how it would’ve changed the course of history if it had existed in the 80s. Here are some of my tweets: 

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