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This week I was able to rework on some assignments, which I thought was neat as I had rushed through some work. 

The first one I decided to work on was a picture I had edited for a visual assignment ages ago. 

I wanted to spice this photo up as I had learned more about photoshop and really wanted to challenge myself by creating a new background, in this scenario the sky. I transformed what was a foggy day into a galaxy sky. I didn’t want to overpower the photo so I blurred the original background with this space background I found off the internet. I used the app Photoshop mix to create this piece. Although it was a challenge to cut the piece of sky where I substituted space in for, I am pleased with the results. (Still need to keep practicing, but am proud of my growth!) 

My last piece I worked on was creating another mix. Honestly I’m just obsessed with Rave and find it so fun to create your own mix with whatever you want. I had taken my song, Blinding It and created, Juice It. I used Beat It (which was previously used in my first mix) and added some Lizzo (because she’s amazing!) I really enjoy this mix and hope you all do too. 

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