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For this assignment, I had recently taken a trip with my close friends to Miami for Spring Break and wanted to make a mashup, as this is one of my favorite memories from college so far. I must stress this however, this trip was BEFORE the coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, my friends and I were still able to enjoy our spring break before the outbreak, as we had gone down to Florida the last week of February. We are all healthy and okay, and we’re now in quarantine in the comfort of our homes (as everyone should be). 

I once again used iMovie to create this video, as I simply imported photos and videos from my camera roll. I didn’t use transitions for this video as I felt they weren’t needed. I was able to import music by downloading a lyric song from youtube, which I felt fit the vibe of my video. I downloaded the video from youtube by converting into a mp4 file. 

This was one of the funnest trips I have taken and was even able to meet up with one of my closest friends who studies in Palm Beach. 

Hope you all enjoy it!

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