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Concert I’d want to be at? 1980s Bad Tour

At one point in time all I did was live and breathe Micheal Jackson, as he remains an icon in our music culture. The one concert I would’ve wanted to be at was his, as they were electric and adventurous (at one point I had memorized the opening act number and dance sequence to the Bad world tour concert). I was extremely devastated when he passed, as he passed away in August of 2009 and my father had surprised my sister and I in May of that year with tickets to see his “This Is It” tour in October. For this assignment I copied a photo from google and imported into photoshop for my mac, where I then also imported a selfie of myself (and how I would react at a concert of his) and with the cut tool removed the background of my photo to look as if I were an audience member. (I learned that I still obviously need a bit more work in photoshop) 

DS106 Reacts: Me hiding (procrastinating) from my work; me when it sneaks up on me.

This week I chose to watch the movie Batman, that was released in 1989 as I found it interesting for being such a superhero fan, I had never watched any of the Batman films (I guess you can say I’m more of a Marvel fan.) I also found it interesting that it was a top grossing film in the 80s, so I thought why not? I found myself fascinating over the actor who played the Joker, Jack Nicholsan, in this movie and began to compare it to the Joker movie that came out recently, who starred the actor Joaquin Phoenix, and I’d say both actors executed their role excellent. There was one particular scene I found amusing when the robbers thought they were safe, then all of a sudden Batman appears and they start to run for their lives. I thought that would be a funny meme or gif, thus when I found this assignment in the assignment box It was perfect. I screen recorded this certain scene off of Amazon Prime videos (the streaming device I watched the movie on), and turned it into a gif through a gif generator app called GIF Maker, and viola! I can make my own gifs now, a useful skill I have gained this week.  Now I just need to learn how to embed them on here (which is why I posted it to twitter.)

Haiku: Gotham

Gotham filled with crime 
Know who will arrive in time 
Batman saves the night 

I found this to be a perfect assignment as I had just received a refresher on haikus from a daily create assignment, so I took the opportunity to incorporate my 80s movie I chose to watch and well, created this masterpiece (Joking! I’m a joker, if you haven’t already noticed. See what I did there?)

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