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After reading the article, I typed in the GIF generator search bar on twitter; “Yeah okay”, and since this was a trending meme and GIF at one point on twitter and I always felt like I needed an excuse to use this GIF of James Harden, I deemed it appropriate to share considering after reading the article, everyone but the Facebook VP had concerns for privacy and their platforms.

This was a refreshing assignment as it felt I hadn’t done a haiku in years. I chose this scenery as I felt it best described the haiku; a picture I captured hiking down Stony Man Summit in Shenandoah National Park at dusk, where the branches had just lost their leaves and the fog starts to roll in the mountains (which gives the Blue Ridge Mountain range its name) I simply imported the photo to photoshop on my mac, then also took a screenshot of the haiku and inserted it on top of  my photo. I found it interesting, however, as my location was Fredericksburg when given my haiku. Nonetheless, this was a fun a quick assignment that reminded me of a favorite memory of mine.  

I had no idea how I was going to digitally draw this map, but eventually it clicked I can use instagram as well as using gifs (which I’ve had way too much fun with). Once I was done creating my map, I went ahead and posted it on my story and account, then went ahead and posted it on twitter. I have a really hectic week and slowly trying to find my routine again, but drawing this map out has helped in realizing I got this and can get through it. I even received a compliment from one of my fellow classmates!

For this assignment, I decided to use one of my fellow classmate’s idea and photoshop my smile onto my cat who was yawning. I used my photoshop adobe app to simply cut my smile and mesh it onto a picture of my cat. I must say, It is my favorite photo now and may even frame it.

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