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My year is 1999. I’m a 90s baby even though it was only for a couple hours (I was born on New Year’s Eve close to midnight) I found it interesting the words that emerged during my birth year, and I found it humorous how some of the words still apply today to our Gen Z babies such as texting and vaping. Blogging is still also a huge part of our culture today so I decided to incorporate that in my poem.

Here is also a list of the words I got for my year:

I always loved unicorns as I viewed them as an awesome horse with majestic powers. I was convinced for the longest they did exist, due to a YouTube video I saw years ago (which I’ve linked below) which for a seven year old, is pretty convincing. Nevertheless, They sure would be a beautiful creature if they were to exist. 

I used a gif to explain what I would want to see if I opened the door. I would love to see a bunch of puppies come running at me! (Because who seriously wouldn’t)

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