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First and foremost, I accidentally switched up the weeks (it’s been hectic, okay) so decided to make this week eight as I did not want to have two week nines. 

Although these past two weeks have been crazy and scary, I’m starting to find gratitude and normalcy in this all. Being home and taking a break from my crazy busy life and spending more time with my family has really led me to question my priorities and to be more grateful towards life, as everything can change in a blink of an eye. Nature is much more powerful than we are. So although there is so much bad in the world right now, my motto this week (and for the rest of my life quite frankly) is to find the sunshine on a cloudy day. 

Radio Shows

With that being said, I started the week off with (really bad procrastination) the radio shows! I had lots of fun listening to the shows and seeing the product of all our hard work we put into these shows for the past two weeks. Here is what I had to say:

Project Ideas

I haven’t really given too much thought to my final project, nothing has really struck me yet. Hopefully I’ll have that lightbulb moment soon, but for now here is what I have: 


I was able to work on two old assignments, here are the ones I chose and why:

Daily Creates 

Lastly, I was able to participate in four daily creates. This time, I was challenged to create a story out of it. Most of them were COVID-19 based and thus tied the story to a happy ending. Check it out: 


I commented on one post this week, although I wish I had commented more it’s definitely an improvement from last week. 

I thought Elizabeth’s 80s cooking show was creative and found it a fun idea! 

Final Thoughts

Although it’s been a pretty sad and scary couple of weeks, I’m finding the sunshine during these very cloudy days. I hope it can return to normal soon, but for now, ds106 is just one of the things reminding me that every little thing is gonna be alright. 

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