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Week Eleven Daily Creates 

I decided to participate in four daily creates, there’s no harm in doing more, and I thought this week they were very interesting.

I first created a virtual t-shirt, after a famous vine that was one of my favorites before the platform shut down. If you know, you know! 

I participated in the April Fools daily create, and decided to share my thoughts of what I wish was a joke, but sadly is not. 

I have always wanted to paint my old pair of vans, as I feel I could revive them. This daily create happened to remind me and I hope to paint my shoes tomorrow! Such a beautiful tradition. 

Lastly, the last daily create I decided to participate in was this one, as I found it odd but cool at the same time. Thus, I decided to find an odd, yet cool photo of many faces. Creepy, yet cool. 

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