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This week I was excited for another week of video content, as I had a lot of fun creating videos last week through the video assignment bank. It was not a hard week, and was very rewarding (thank goodness as I had a bunch of homework this week, such as my rough draft of my research essay) 

Here is what I created this week: 

Video Assignments 

For my video assignments, I used the new application TikTok, as it felt I was the only one who hadn’t created a TikTok. I was pleasantly surprised that this was a very simple platform and had lots of fun creating it. I find it very rewarding that people have created such a cool and easy app to create content to tell stories digitally. I also used iMovie and instagram for my video assignments. Here are my video assignments I created this week: 

Final Project Ideas 

I was able to receive more clarity this week, as I was really able to think about my assignment and comments. Here is what I came up with: 

Daily Creates 

I had a lot of fun with the daily creates and was able to participate in four this week. Here is what I created: 


Lastly, I participated by commenting on one of my classmates’ posts on twitter. She posted a TikTok, which I found to be so cute! 

Overall, a rewarding week. So much fun creating videos, as I finally have an excuse to create content and won’t stop after this. 

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