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This week I enjoyed creating my daily creates, as they were not relatively hard and rather made me rejoice being in the moment or looking back at old memories. 

This was such a special day to me and it is one of my favorite memories. In our culture, we celebrate the 15th birthday of girls as it represents the transition into a young adult. My parents made it possible for me to celebrate my Quinceañera and the best part I was able to celebrate it with my family who came from all over the United States and El Salvador. I am eternally grateful and it was the best present I could have ever received. 

I have always loved this piece in my room, as I picked it out due to its abstract sense. There were so many curves in this set and thought it the perfect opportunity as inspiration to use for my daily create. (For my logic homework, it required lots of venn diagrams so I definitely got some inspiration from this daily create to attempt to create perfect circles) 

This daily create gave me a sense of comfort at home. It was late at night since my mom had just gotten home, and one thing she always does is brew a pot of coffee (as she likes coffee for the taste, not even for the caffeine!) I do enjoy the smell of coffee although I don’t quite enjoy the taste myself. The candle on the dining room table was still lit and it is one of my favorite scents, the smell of pine and evergreens. I also still had a hint of my favorite scent as I still wore my outfit of the day. This daily create really allowed me to take a deep breath and take in the moment. 

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