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I had a very busy week to say the least, but nevertheless it was very rewarding to look back at my assignment from this week. I have always loved photography and I am always taking photos every chance I get. However, I feel this semester I haven’t really had the chance to capture moments due to being so busy with school work and other extracurriculars, in which I am very glad this week we focused on photography to remind myself the beauty of photos and capturing memories. 

Daily Creates: 

I had lots of fun creating these this week and used my photoshop adobe app a lot for these assignments. I even had a good laugh out of one of them. I said more about my daily creates this week in a separate blog post:

Photo Analysis: 

I first felt intimidated by this assignment which is why I delayed it for so long, but I gained a new perspective of the 80s after analyzing the 80s youth in this article by Rachel Lebowitz. 

After analyzing these photos, I realized the thought that goes into every photograph, and that it is more than just taking a photo. 

Photo Reflection:

At the beginning of this week, I reflected on my photography skills and acknowledged the skills I wanted to improve on after reading some resources on becoming a better photographer. Check out my blog “Photo Hoarder” to find out more information on what I think of photography and to view some of my favorite photos: 


I had so much fun with the photoblitz assignment, where I just forgot about life for 20 minutes and just captured photos around my house. This assignment made me realize how much I had missed photography and will certainly do another for fun photoblitz in the future. Here are the images I captured: 

Visual Assignments: 

This week, I completed 4 assignments adding up to a total of 12 stars. I was able base one off our 80s theme (I keep unfortunately forgetting and get too carried away as I get excited, so next week my goal is to actually base my assignments off the theme), where Madonna is located in Fredericksburg which I just found to be too funny. 

My other three assignments involved heading into my photo vault and finding some old memories I had forgotten about. 

I was very thankful for these assignments, which reminded me of the importance of photos and what they represent. 


I wasn’t involved as much as I would’ve liked or have been in the past weeks since I’ve had a pretty hectic week regarding school work, papers, and exams. However, my classmates left many comments on my posts this week.

One of my classmates commented on my color walk photo and how she must visit down to the commuter lot more often, and I couldn’t agree more. I love walking to class every morning due to this mini nature walk. 

I’m glad my classmate enjoyed some of my photos from my photoblitz. I had a lot of fun creating them. 

I was looking at inspiration for photoblitz and found something in common with my fellow classmate. You learn something new everyday. 

I loved my classmate’s post of her dog, I may be biased but animals posts are just the best!

Lastly, I really enjoyed Emily’s weekly summary and one of her visual assignments, I feel her format and organization with her blog posts is superb and hope to base my structure off of hers. I also really appreciate her creativity and thought she puts into every assignment. I also enjoyed Elizabeth’s photoblitz as I feel she really used up her time and put in the effort to create these photos, I also give her credit to going outside during these gloomy and cold days for this assignment. 


Overall it was a very insightful week. It was very busy, but I always look forward to seeing all my assignments and of my classmates as well, which makes the work very rewarding. 

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