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The first week of ds106 was a lot more challenging than I expected, but nevertheless rewarding once I finally accomplished all our assignments (after hours of technical difficulties and multiple trips to the digital center) 

I began my blog with a quick introductory post to make sure I at least knew how to post a blog post before diving into the more advanced tasks. I (thankfully) already had a blog from my freshman year seminar and with a little help from the digital center, was able to create a subdomain specifically for this class. 

I set up my social media accounts and created them specifically for this class, which didn’t take much work. What did however take work, was uploading all my content up to my social media, specifically for my youtube channel. I had some technical difficulties trying to find the right file size to upload my video, but eventually was able to get all my social medias established and ready for this semester while posting introductory posts so my classmates were able to learn more about me. 

Here are my introductions listed below, In which I take most pride in considering embedding these suckers was the most challenging part of week one, as I spent hours trying to figure out how to embed these posts, which eventually led me to my not once, twice, but third trip to the digital center. (Feeling very thankful for that team) 

I found the perfect GIF to explain my personality!
This took longer than expected as it took me a couple takes to finally get the right wording!
My prides and joy! #proudcatmom

I embedded my social media all into one blog post earlier this week: 

I really enjoy this theme and looking forward to the semester with the vibrant and electrifying feel of the 80s. I really enjoy the music and dancing of this era, and I may be a bit biased considering I am a dancer myself, but there is just something that makes you want to dance when an 80s song comes on. I wrote more about why I love the 80s in an earlier blog post: 

For some reason, however, I had the hardest time trying to come up with a theme other than just watching 80s movies the entire semester (boy now that would be nice, as I can’t seem to get enough of the breakfast club or pretty in pink). Eventually, I thought of something, although it shows my lack of creativity, which I hope to keep improving on this semester, but I thought to step out of comfort zones and break boundaries and be daring, as I feel this is what the 80s embody and what 80s pop culture symbolizes. 

By the end of this week, I was able to become more familiar with wordpress and how to customize my domain and blogs, such as adding a sidebar for my menu, which now includes the home and about me buttons. I was also able to work through my frustration and am happy to report that it was worth the stress as I am excited for how my blog has turned out, and hope to keep adding neat features as the semester progresses. As the semester progresses, I would like to compare my growth from now, and hope each week I learn something new and embody our theme to the best of my ability. 

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