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I enjoyed these daily creates as they were not too complicated but did make me think. One of my daily creates even reminded me how close we are to Spring break and Summer! 

I wrote a haiku for this assignment as I feel I have become a pro after this class. I am a sucker for Summer and always long for it as the Winter and I don’t get along (especially when it doesn’t snow). I incorporated some of my favorite aspects of Summer into this poem, and luckily will be experiencing Summer weather over this Spring break as I head down to Florida!

I honestly am really indecisive when it comes to my dream house. I have a general picture but I feel no houses built really describe what my dream house will look like or what I want it to look like. This is why I chose a picture of Noah from the notebook standing in front of the house he built, as I feel that’s what dream houses are all about. I one day hope too I can construct a home for my loved ones to live in. 

One of my favorite books and movies growing up was Narnia. I still to this day find that story enchanting and whenever given the opportunity, watch it when I get the chance. I found this picture online and I feel you have to really pay close attention to this illustration as you can miss the story if you aren’t thoroughly examining it. 

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