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So relieved we made it to Spring break! But even more relieved and happy to report that my audio assignments were a piece of cake unlike the last time working with audio assignments. I had a lot of fun creating some pieces for the radio show and after gathering thoughts and ideas with my group, I feel we are ready to get this show on the road! Check out some of things I did this week to start preparing for the show: 

Daily Creates: 

These assignments have become more and more as a destresser to me. I actually look forward to doing these “assignments” as they are the easiest tasks assigned I have every week! Check out what they were this week here: 

Radio Show Progression: 

I am really pleased with our group’s progression, or allow me to reintroduce ourselves as The Breakfast Club. I am excited for our radio show and to start piecing it together. Check out what more I said here: 

Radio Show Contribution: 

Lastly, I started working on our radio show content that we will be using. I left these assignments for last as I was super nervous as I had not done well with the audio assignments from last time, but boy did I have fun this time! Happy to report those tutorials paid off. Check out what content I worked on for The Breakfast Club here: 

Bumper Sticker





I wish I had commented on more posts this week, but luckily I was able to use the posts I did see for some inspiration, such as Karsen’s post!

Yulemi had chosen the house from Twilight for this daily create and I had to let her know I am a huge fan of Twilight too!

I enjoyed the content my classmate chose for her radio show, my favorite being the Madonna mashup! 

Final Thoughts 

I would say my group and I had a successful week with ds106 and the progression of our radio show. Looking forward to the construction of our final show!

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