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I enjoyed this week’s daily creates, and although I wasn’t able to create physically what some of the assignments had asked me to, I was able to use digital techniques such as GIFs to describe my daily create assignments.

For this assignment, I had to type into this website to find out the color of my name. I was pretty surprised to find out the colors of my name, as those colors I feel are not my favorite or I feel describe me. I feel these colors are very bland and dark, while I feel to be a very vibrant person. It was interesting to see my colors and compare it to others who participated in this assignment. 

For this assignment, I had decided to take a picture of what I was currently doing as that is what my table top consisted of when reading the assignment. I was not home and was actually doing homework in the off-campus room in the University Center, which is why my table top does not consist of much other than my laptop and tea cup. 

For this assignment I am not creative enough to create a claymation, however, I found a gif that if I were to create one, it would be most similar to this. My family celebrated Dia de los Muertos, which is a Hispanic celebration in honoring the dead where different arts and crafts are created. This gif seemed to fit into the holiday perfectly. 

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