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I participated in three daily creates this week: Mostly all Covid-19 related, as the theme is starting to dawn on me.

For this assignment, I was instructed to create a poem, where it should be three lines and the last line being one word, often silly. So, I decided to construct a poem from my daydreams (imagery). 

I decided to once again use a gif for this assignment (they’re just so fun). I decided to base my poster off the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”. People unfortunately are still not understanding to stay home, so I created a “Just Stay Home” slogan. 

For this assignment, I was able to reflect on one of my favorite memories. I love to travel, and cannot wait to regain my plans after Covid-19 and it is declared safe to travel again. Last Summer, I was able to travel to Disney with my boyfriend. We had so much fun exploring Orlando.

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