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Possibly, the most hilarious week in ds106. I seriously had way too much making some of these assignments. I definitely needed this relief this week as my procrastination and motivation is getting bad. Even though we’re so close to finishing the semester, I have the worst case of lacking motivation at the moment. Thankfully, once I started these assignments, I could not stop due to how hilarious it all was! I hope you enjoy my content as much as I did this week: 

I created a total of 9 ½ stars this week of assignments and two remixes. I’ll let these assignments speak for themselves:



Daily Creates

I participated in three daily creates this week. Check them out here: 


I am proud of my involvement this week, as I felt I have definitely improved since these past couple of weeks. My classmates’ work really just is phenomenal! Here is what I commented this week:

I thought Sam’s logo was so cool with the pop of color. Her work is always incredible!

I thought this assignment was so cool as it is really impressive that she could write in another language, it’s a really difficult and admirable skill. 

I thought this was a fun assignment as I was considering doing it at first as well, and to see it come to life is pretty cool! She definitely nailed this emoji. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Such. A. Fun. Week.

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