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This second week I felt was better than last week, as I began to become familiar with the tools we will be using this semester through our daily creates and assignments off of the assignment bank. I surprisingly had a lot of fun creating these assignments using Photoshop Adobe, Instagram, GIF Generator, and Twitter to create and share my assignments, however, I learned that I need to keep practicing on these skills as the semester progresses (especially my photoshop skills) as I just need to be a bit more precise with the cut and blend tools, as well as patient. Here’s a closer look at the things I created this week: 

For my visual assignments from the assignment bank, I decided to base two of my three assignments to the movie I watched this week; Batman (1989). I decided to watch this movie as I didn’t realize it was one of the top grossing films in that decade, and who doesn’t love an excuse to watch movies (especially when it’s assigned as homework). You can find more of what I thought about the movie, and how I chose to incorporate it into my visual assignments here: 

I worked a little more on my blog this week, as I finally was able to add my social media links to my menu bar, so now It’s easily accessible from by blog to find my socials. I also changed my domain blog name from DS106 to DS106 Just Wants to Have Fun, channeling from one of my favorite 80s songs, which I’m sure you can guess what it is (Think Madonna) 

I also became more active on my other social media accounts, such as following a bunch of my classmates on both Twitter and Instagram. I was even able to take some inspiration from a fellow #ds106 classmate on Twitter to create one of my daily create assignments. 

I even had a fellow classmate compliment one of my daily creates, which made my day and my appreciation for stickers that much greater. 

Lastly, I was able to sneak a comment to one of my fellow classmates blog about track. See what I said to her here: 

I had a fun week becoming familiar with photoshop and other tools that I used to create my visual assignments and daily creates. I do hope to become more involved, such as commenting more on my classmates blogs, and even taking more inspiration from my classmates as well, however, I’d say It was a rewarding week. 

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