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This had to be the most hilarious assignment this week, as well as cringey. Nevertheless, I did it; due to the fact that I have not heard of a Yo Mama joke since middle school. I also used my assignment, Blinding It, as my project to build on this week, and just decided to remix it. 

I recorded the Yo Mama joke, “Yo Mama’s GIF is so slow, it looks like a still image”, through voice memos on my phone. I then converted this file from a mp4 file to a WAV, in order to insert this file into Audacity. I simply inserted both my pieces into audacity, and made sure my voice memo played at the beginning of the remix. I then exported the file as a mp4 in order to upload it to SoundCloud. 

This was my last mashup assignment I completed this week, and to reflect, it was one of the most hilarious weeks. Enjoy:

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